All work in the vineyard can be done by hand.  I am no good with a scythe – so, here (*in no particular order), is some of the kit we’ve bought:

ATV or Quad Bike:

Invaluable for inspecting the vineyard. Saves time when running new wires up the 110m of a row.

...and it’s fun!

Spring Time Harrow:

Cultivates between the rows at a shallow depth.

Good for controlling grass in a bad year.

Bad for soil erosion – so, rarely used.


A large lawn mower!

Controls grass between the rows...and the grass can be used to control the growth of the vines.

Flail Mower:

A vicious lawn mower!

Used in conjunction with Topper to control grass.

NB: chips up winter pruning so you give back to the soil, some of the nutrients you have removed.


Controlled air assisted droplet sprayer.

Used for treating vines against major diseases and/or foliar fertilisers.


Massey Fergusson-Hydrostatic (low gears, low emission) work horse Fergusson TE20. 

Made in 1944, it starts every time and is used to supplement the work horse.

Land Rover:

Does everything that nothing else does.

Great for harrowing the rest of the farm.


Obvious – like the Land Rover.

Important for muck spreading by hand.

Transports grapes to the winery during harvest time.


*Never go into the vines without:-


Must be good quality.  Vines are tough!

Pruning Saw:

For old wood.


*There is always a plant falling down!

Machine Tie:

For Spring training.

Grape Scissors:

Stems are tough.  These scissors will cut through wires...or your finger